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Artist, David Cox has always enjoyed drawing and painting, especially animals. His oil paintings of dogs and cats has been a revelation of sorts for the Mississauga born artist who took up oil paints only 5 years ago.

“I love the long dry time that comes from using oil paints,” remarks David. “It allows me to be more measured in my approach. Other paint mediums force you to rush but oils can be left for long periods of time. Additionally, I just feel you can get richer values using oil paints over other paints such as acrylics.”

Since discovering his love for oil paints, David has continued to learn and perfect his techniques. His use of bold brush strokes, lots of colour and strong contrast, has been his signature throughout his works, bringing life to his subjects and causing them to leap from the canvas.

Throughout the past few years and throughout the pandemic, David has had a steady side business of commissions to paint portraits of people’s pets and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve received some very kind notes that I’m very proud of. Truthfully, the only negative feedback comes from within – I’m my own worst critic. I’m working to change that, but I’m not unique in that regard – artists can be tough on themselves.”

So what does the future hold for this emerging artist? Well, his long-term goal is to make his passionate side hustle into a full-time career but as he is well aware, life is complicated and busy (especially with a toddler). “I think I’m a ways away from making the transition from my current career to full-time artist. Until then, I’ll hopefully keep making people happy with pet portraits and working hard on my landscape skills.”


David Cox




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