From Birding Enthusiast to Butterfly Enthusiast

During the pandemic, bird watching became a hobby, especially with the Cornell Lab Merlin app on my phone. During many social distanced walks looking and listening for birds, the butterflies started flittering in and out of my vision and capturing my attention.

Many butterflies are beautiful, just like birds. Binoculars can help to appreciate them, just like birds. Butterflies tend to be active during regular waking hours, UNLIKE birds. They tend to fly and perch lower to the ground, UNLIKE birds. They tend to not hide in leafy trees, UNLIKE birds. Many butterflies have their favourite plant… find the plant, find the butterfly.

Some merits of Birding/Butterfly watching: makes you happier, is calming, keeps you mentally sharp, is a social activity and keeps you physically active and of course you become more connect to nature.

Article by Susan Gibbins
Photography by Peeter Poldre

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