Creatures of Habit

The last few weeks have brought many sudden, stressful changes to our lives. As human beings adapting to these changes, we may be feeling confusion, sadness and uncertainty, which in turn affects our pets.

Dogs, like people, are creatures of habit and following a daily routine gives them structure and confidence. If you are mainly at home during this pandemic, try to keep your dog’s schedule intact as much as you can. The schedule of activities such as walks, crate time, meals, play and naptime should remain as consistent as possible while developing new rituals and routines.

Consistency will help your dog adapt to changes such as you (and the rest of your family) being home during the day and will also ease the transition later on when things are more stable and you go back to work/school.

So, as we navigate through these challenging times, be mindful of your pets and their own routines to ensure their mental and physical health.

Submitted by: Niloo Pahlavan


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