Exploring the RBG in Burlington

During May, visitors enjoyed strolling through the RBG, Canada’s largest botanical gardens. Colourful tulips were in full bloom and the new Rose Garden in Hendrie Park is home to a spectacular display of roses, as well as companion plants designed to keep disease and pests away. For example, ornamental onions (allium) planted beside roses will repel the Japanese beetle. Disease resistant, cold-hardy roses including some Canadian varieties were chosen for this area.

Some of the other options to visit in Hendrie Park include the scented garden, medicinal garden and prehistoric garden. There is an amazing, rare prehistoric tree ( a Metasequoia) that is both deciduous and coniferous. This species, discovered in China, predates the dinosaurs and is a ‘must see’.

Of course, May was lilac month and at the RBGs Arboretum, the lilacs comprise over 745 plants, which makes this Lilac Collection one of the most diverse in the world. There is a shuttle from Hendrie Park to view the lilacs at the Arboretum.

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