It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Lil Heroes!

Lil Heroes is on a mission to spread the powers of hope, humour and kindness.

Over the past year, seeing the world turned upside down by the global COVID-19 pandemic and feeling powerless and saddened by the grim news stories, Oakville resident Celina Ip began searching for something she could do to bolster people’s spirits.

“In particular, I wanted to brighten the lives of children who have been shuttered in their homes, unable to see their friends and live a normal childhood for over a year,” said Ip.

Inspired by the idea of the ‘superhero’ as well as the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ movement, Ip determined to create educational superhero play kits for children.

“Ultimately, superheroes are all out to save the world; something most of us wish we could do, especially right now during this global pandemic,” Ip said. “But while we can’t fly or time travel or magically heal someone who is sick, we can save the world in other ways. We can do that by using the powers that we are all born with: kindness, hope, humour…to make the world a better place. That’s where Lil Heroes truly stemmed from, my vision of inspiring the younger generation to channel and hone these innate powers to the best of their ability, to spread more joy and hope in our world.”

By February 2021, Lil Heroes was launched (online at and on Instagram and Facebook) with support from Ip’s family and friends, living up to the small business’ slogan of ‘Greatness From Small Beginnings’.

“We’re a small business but we are mighty and we are working hard to make big waves within the local community – Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga – and reach others coast-to-coast,” said Ip. “And that’s why I chose that slogan for Lil Heroes, to remind our young generation that they might be ‘small’ but they are mighty. Everyone is born with great powers and great potential, but it’s up to us to take that first small step towards that big dream that could have some impactful and positive change.”

The first Lil Heroes play kits were inspired by the power of kindness, humour and hope. Each play kit includes a handmade felt cape, eye mask and a few special tools (such as Kindness Cards) that Ip hopes will instill kids with the confidence to be real-world superheroes, ready to spread some positivity among their family, friends and neighbours.

“By putting on their superhero cape and mask, having their super sidekick (a stuffed animal or a pet!) tag along and using the tools in their kit, kids can begin spreading positivity (hope, humour, kindness) in the world — to make someone smile, make someone laugh and brighten someone’s day!” said Ip.

This June, Lil Heroes will be releasing a new Canadiana-themed play kit in anticipation of Canada Day.

“This kit will focus on promoting ‘Pride’ — to teach kids about the importance of being proud of one’s roots, proud of one’s history, and being proud to be Canadian,” Ip said.

You can check out Lil Heroes on Facebook and Instagram at and on the web, where you can place an order, at



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